The OneMind Smart City solution is deployed in the Smart Showrooms of Orange Business Services and Dell Technologies in Dubai and Singapore

Oak Brook, Ill.  August 18, 2021 – Affluence Corporation (AFFU.PK), a diversified technology company focusing on innovative IoT and 5G enhancing technologies announced today that the OneMind platform, from its OneMind Technologies subsidiary is being deployed in the Smart Showrooms of Orange Business Services (OBS) and Dell Technologies (DELL).

OneMind Technologies are specialists in hypervisors for smart cities and smart industries. They are partnering with both Dell Technologies and Orange Business Services on the implementation of Command and Control Centers in cities and the transition to intelligent industries.  The partnerships have led to the OneMind solution being implemented in the OBS smart showroom in Dubai and the Dell Technologies smart showroom in Singapore.  Both pioneering smart cities which vie for first place in global smart city rankings.

For a young business based in Barcelona, the confidence of global leaders such as OBS and Dell demonstrates the solidity and capacity of OneMind Technologies’ solution platform to compete with market leaders. These deployments also indicate the firm conviction of these companies to use OneMind as their reference platform for their future smart city projects.

OneMind Technologies CEO, Stephane Eyme, said: “We are delighted with the trust placed in us by OBS and DELL. These deployments allow us to have more feedback on the use of OneMind and to adjust the solution or even add features, based on the experiences of Orange Business Services and DELL.”

The OneMind solution has not only been deployed in several smart cities but also in a number of other sectors such as airports, campuses, malls and construction.  The platform simplifies access to the IoT and brings together data from all information systems onto a single platform.  The key benefits of the OneMind solution are:

  • A hypervision view.
  • Real-time and multi-domain intelligence.
  • A connector layer which facilitates the processing of information from different types of systems or data sources.
  • And the ability to develop response plans, quickly, for any situation.

The OneMind solution makes managing a city easier, especially large-scale projects for megacities, such as those being worked on by Orange Business Services and Dell Technologies.


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