Affluence Corporation Acquires Second Telecom Infrastructure Company RAS Engineering, P.A.

Affluence Corporation (OTC PINK:AFFU), a diversified 5G telecom infrastructure company, announced today that it has acquired Miami, Florida based RAS Engineering, P.A. a telecom infrastructure engineering company. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“The RAS Engineering, P.A. acquisition is the second of several planned acquisitions and brings innovative technology, national engineering licenses and synergistic capabilities to be employed by our acquired companies,” said James Honan, Affluence CEO. “RAS Engineering, PA, a nationally-awarded engineering company, has developed a shielding technology that reduces the amount of radiofrequency radiation emitted by 5G base stations. This is quite an accomplishment as many municipalities have placed a moratorium on 5G tower construction until the radiation risk is mitigated. In addition, RAS Engineering, PA holds engineering licenses throughout the US which can be utilized by our most recent acquisition of 5 Stems Inc. RAS Engineering has an impressive track record of generating revenue and profit as well.”

“We are very impressed with Affluence’s strategic approach to addressing the pressing 5G infrastructure implementation issues and are excited to be an integral part of Affluence,” said Raul Schwerdt, CEO of RAS Engineering, P.A. “We believe that we are way ahead of the curve on addressing the 5G radiation issue by developing technology that significantly shields radiofrequency radiation. “Additionally, RAS Engineering, P.A. brings a core engineering design and testing capabilities on buildings and infrastructure sites that most organizations have to farm out to third party providers. It will result in higher profit margins for Affluence projects throughout the country. This truly is a one plus one equals three opportunity for the Affluence family of telecom infrastructure companies.”

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