Affluence Corporation’s OneMind Technologies Announces Enhanced Smart City Software Product

OAK BROOK, IL / ACCESSWIRE / March 14, 2022 / Affluence Corporation (OTC PINK:AFFU) and its subsidiary OneMind Technologies SL announced today the release of the new version of the hypervisor platform named OneMind New Generation (NG). The technical evolution of the platform is a cornerstone in the OneMind’s development, allowing the company to embrace advanced technologies to better serve its clients and ensuring faster growth.

“Our goal is to make OneMind Technologies the industry standard in the Smart City Software market and the NG Platform broadens our reach and will enable us to continue our string of impressive Smart City project wins,” said Stephane Eyme, CEO of OneMind Technologies.

The OneMind NG platform is fully multi-tenant and can be deployed seamlessly on the cloud, on premises or in a hybrid environment. It is based on a powerful low code ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) engine and has completely rule based access control. The new technology architecture also presents a fully configurable user interface enabling the platform to be adjusted to user requirements without any coding and a personalized experience specific to the user’s preference (language, icons, colors, menus, views…).

The platform’s historical mode is also unique in that it allows users to quickly and easily make time-based analysis of events which improves their decision-making process. It also features a modular and plug-in architecture allowing users to run their own analytics algorithms and evolve or change them as required.

The OneMind NG architecture also brings scalability and accessibility through use of nodes and clusters, as well as resilience and the ability to self-correct with auto placement, auto restart, and auto replication features.

“These enhanced characteristics will allow OneMind Technologies to grow exponentially in the SaaS area, offering a light, flexible and powerful product that is fully configurable to fit todays’ use case and business model requirements. We are excited to bring this new and improved platform to market and generate more value for our clients” said Eyme.

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