Affluence Corporation’s OneMind Technologies Announces Break Through Product to Deter Carjackings

OAK BROOK, IL / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2022 / Affluence Corporation (OTC PINK:AFFU) a leader in Smart City Software and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies announced today that its OneMind Technologies wholly owned subsidiary has developed Hypervisor SVI a real-time detection product to help police departments to respond to carjackings and vehicle thefts. The OneMind Hypervisor SVI product integrates systems for License Plate Recognition, Record Management, Vehicle Registration, Facial Recognition and Computer Aided Dispatch to monitor vehicle license plates and compares it with stolen vehicles. When a positive match is detected, OneMind triggers in real-time an alert to the operator, provides information about the vehicle from the Registration System and sends an action dispatch to the closest available police patrol to stop and identify the driver through facial recognition software. The product has currently passed several live evaluations and the first purchase order is expected within the next 60 days.

“This is a breakthrough product that addresses a serious problem that has been plaguing all cities,” said James E Honan, Jr., CEO of Affluence Corporation. “There is nothing on the market today that comes close to addressing this serious problem in real-time. Hypervisor SVI finally gives the police an effective tool that will enhance their ability to catch the offenders and provide a deterrence for future incidents. Hypervisor SVI has been tested by multiple municipalities with great success and we expect our initial purchase order within the next 60 days,” said Honan.

“Hypervisor SVI showcases the power of the OneMind architecture,” said Stephane Eyme President of OneMind Technologies. Hypervisor SVI seamlessly connects all of the disparate systems such as the license plate database, vehicle registration and records management and enables the police to detect, monitor, investigate and dispatch the closest available resources. In addition, together with our facial recognition partner, Hypervisor SVI will have the ability to identify the offenders. Hypervisor SVI generates actionable information in real-time to fight crime. It also improves intelligence and security for the police, fosters cross-departmental cooperation, enhances operational efficiency, and reduces the serious crime rate by denying the means to commit them. This also provides an overall improved sense of security for citizens. OneMind Technologies is very flexible and innovative and I am proud of our development team who were able to identify a use case and bring that product to market in a timely fashion,” said Eyme.

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