Oak Brook, IL. February 7, 2023 – OneMind Technologies a wholly owned subsidiary of Affluence Corporation (AFFU.PK) announced today new and innovative product features that will enable future development to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that extend the possibilities in analytics functionalities and add new possibilities and benefits for Smart City decision making. OneMind made the announcement at the LEAP 2023 Technology Conference in Saudi Arabia. OneMind is showing its Hypervisor for Digital Cities with our strategic partner Orange Business Services (NYSE:ORAN) as a key piece of OBS’s Digital Cities solution. OneMind Technologies is a leader in Smart City Software and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

“Once again, we are honored to be invited by Orange Business Services to showcase the OneMind Technologies Hypervisor for Digital Cities at their stand,” said Stephane Eyme, CEO of OneMind Technologies. “LEAP 2023 is the premier technology event that showcases disruptive technologies from around the world. This year LEAP 2023 is focusing on Digital Cities, Future Energy, Health Tech, Fintech and 4-IR. We are excited to show the world the enhancements we made to our Hypervisor and welcome the industry feedback for our product development roadmap.” Continued Eyme.

“City digital transformation generates a huge amount of very valuable data for decision-making and the possibilities of its analysis are key,” said OneMind CTO Javier Solorzano. “That is why OneMind Technologies is committed to offer innovative solutions that enable this analytical phase allowing governors and city managers to have a complete and holistic vision of the needs, present and future, of the inhabitants of the cities. With this objective in mind, OneMind has introduced a new feature that includes the “analytical panel” that adds the capacity to cluster objects that come from different sources of information and to have a new vision of segmented or crossed data. This helps to reduce the complexity of map by analytics functions working on those sections. The visualization of the data is now even clearer through new widgets indicators which facilitate the monitoring of their behaviors and allow the configuration of preventive alerts based on key variables. The expertise and knowledge of our engineering team enables maintaining the OneMindNG platform in a constant evolution, launching continually new valuable features at the same pace as new technologies does,” said Solorzano.

OneMind is currently working on latest tech trends including Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and utilizing Machine-Learning algorithms to build models through historical analysis to predict the future and drive strategic decision-making, and to prescribe the best course of action through careful analysis and evidence-based priors. The combination of all these technologies will transform OneMind from Hypervisor to the HyperOrchestrator.

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