“The Singapore headquarters will allow us to continue to build on our strategy of developing a global footprint and is a direct response to multiple opportunities in our sales pipeline in AfricaIndia and Asia Pacific markets,” said James E. Honan, Jr., Affluence’s CEO. “We are working on several acquisitions of Technology Companies, Businesses and large-scale Projects. These acquisitions will help expand our portfolio of Technologies, Expertise and project execution capabilities along with deployment opportunities for OneMind Smart City Software and products offered by our upcoming acquisition of Flexiscale and Flexiant Edge Cloud Computing solution.  These opportunities will translate to significant purchase orders before the end of Q2. Our Singapore headquarters will be led by Avinash Bector. He is coming in with an impressive global experience and record of accomplishments in setting up new businesses and growing companies holding executive positions at ISLP Technologies, HCL, Motorola and Tata Infotech,” said Honan.

“We are investing in AfricaIndia and Asia Pacific markets as we continue to see greater demand for deployment of Technologies, Products and Services in multiple initiatives on “Digitalization” of various businesses and processes. Our existing portfolio of products and services in identified technology verticals of Edge Cloud and Smart City solutions aligns well with global drive on “Industry 4″ and the deployment opportunities continues to grow at a significantly higher CAGR in this region as compared to others,” said Avinash Bector, CEO at Singapore Headquarters. “At present, we are engaged with multiple large high-profile business opportunities with Government, Multinational Corporations, Telcos and System Integrators on projects including Super Computing Solutions, Optical Fiber based Data Transport Infrastructure, Edge Cloud Infrastructure & Services and IoT Solutions including Smart City applications. Our offerings are comfortably out-scoring competition on Techno-Commercial evaluations. We are confident of translating these to multiple purchase orders this year,” said Bector.

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