Affluence Corporation (OTC PINK:AFFU), a diversified technology company focusing on innovative Edge Cloud, Internet of Things and 5G enhancing technologies, announced today that the company and Worldsensing have executed the definitive documents for the acquisition of the OneMind Smart City Software business unit. Included in the definitive documents was the establishment of OneMind technologies S.L. which will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Affluence Corporation.

“The OneMind acquisition is at the core of our IoT and 5G go to market strategy,” said James Honan, Jr. Affluence’s CEO. “OneMind Smart City technology is used to monitor and manage security, mobility and traffic, creating unprecedented situational awareness in cities worldwide. The OneMind intelligent IoT Solution builder allows cities in the USA, Colombia, Mexico, Europe, and South-East Asia to optimize operational processes and make real-time decisions based on data driven insights and be more efficient, responsive, and sustainable. The OneMind Smart City Solution is already a key component in the enterprise solutions currently being offered by several Fortune 50 companies that resell, distribute, and integrate Smart City enterprise solutions. This is the first of several acquisitions that will round out a fully integrated Edge Cloud and IoT solution that can be deployed today and will also capitalize on 5G as the technology is rolled out,” said Honan.

“As part of Affluence, the OneMind Smart City solution has the opportunity to grow and evolve”, said Ignasi Vilajosana, CEO and Co-Founder of Worldsensing. “Affluence’s strategic long term vision as it relates to 5G, IoT and Edge Computing provides the ambition and innovative technological approach that will ensure that the OneMind Smart City solution will continue to grow its position as a market leader,” said Vilajosana.

Letting go of its OneMind Smart City offering enables Worldsensing to continue focusing on its core business, Loadsensing, the global leader for IoT remote monitoring of critical infrastructures.

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